P2002 Titan Allaclone

Recipe : Acrylia Studded Mask

Recipe : Acrylia Studded Mask
Tradeskill : Tailoring
Trivial at : 188
Containers needed for the combine
    Collapsible Sewing Kit
    Planar Sewing Kit
    Erudite Sewing Kit
    Vale Sewing Kit
    Fier`Dal Sewing Kit
    Coldain Tanners Kit
    Large Sewing Kit
    Deluxe Sewing Kit
Items resulting of a successfull combine
    Acrylia Studded Mask x1
Components needed :
    Acrylia Studs x 1
    Superb Rockhopper Hide x 1
    Paeala Bark Tannin x 1
    Mask Pattern x 1
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